The challenge

There is an overflow of noise in everyday life and communication. News sites deliver content which loses its relevance within minutes. Online dictionaries consist of too much information to consume in a small amount of time. And social networks are overflowing with useless pictures of cats and toddlers.

We believe that the time is ready for change.


Our mission

On respondoj.com, we use the existing information on the web and in peoples’ brains to form a knowledge-network. Our aim is to give answers that do not lose their relevance within minutes, but whose content will be valuable for the upcoming years. If you are generally open-minded, but don’t have the time to spend several hours in various university lectures, respondoj.com is the perfect place for you: We answer questions of relevance, in only a few paragraphs.


Answers and features

On a regular basis, new questions and their answers will be posted in the news feed; on the long run, you will be able to find answers to your questions via the search. Once enough answers to a topic are provided, these answers are combined to a feature: A collection of answers that will give you an overview on a topic and will provide you with enough information to appear smart at the next dinner party.


Our network – and you

At respondoj.com, we believe that everybody is an expert. This is the reason why we need you to contribute to discussions in a constructive manner and join us as a freelance writer. This is not only a news site or an online dictionary – it is also a social network, in which people collectively share their knowledge and answer each others questions. So far, we are in closed beta and there is no official form for registration – so, please use the contact details below to pre-register as a contributor.


Imprint and Contact (§25 Österreichisches Mediengesetz/Offenlegung)

Respondoj.com is a knowledge blog that was initiated by the author, journalist and troublemaker Stefan Mey. Our headquarters are in 1140 Vienna, Austria.

You can contact Stefan via email: stefan[AT]respondoj.com

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