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Stefan is a Journalist, storyteller and troublemaker from Vienna. He loves to try out new things. Click here to buy his books. or click here to visit his blog.


How can I display a GPX-file?

GPX-files are the files which are created by tracking-apps such as Runtastic. These apps record your GPS-location and therefore can display your altitude, as well as the distance that you moved in a certain period of time. In addition, GPX-files may contain information like your heart rate, which can also be recorded by various devices. It…

(c) Wikimedia/Gabriel Ehrnst GRUNDIN

What does “Respondoj” mean?

The aim of is to give answers. In Esperanto, a constructed language that was invented in 1887 by Ludwik Lejzer Zamenhof, “respondo” means “answer”. If you want to build a plural in Esperanto, you simply add a “j” at the end. Therefore, the Esperanto word for “answers” is “Respondoj”.


Welcome to Respondoj

Have a look at today’s news: There are rumors on the next iPhone, a company announced it’s earnings and it might rain this afternoon… All of this stuff might be interesting for the moment – but the value of the information will be gone in only a few hours, leaving you with nothing but the…

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