How can I display a GPX-file?

GPX-files are the files which are created by tracking-apps such as Runtastic. These apps record your GPS-location and therefore can display your altitude, as well as the distance that you moved in a certain period of time. In addition, GPX-files may contain information like your heart rate, which can also be recorded by various devices. It might be enough for many people to display this data in the apps which record it – but others might also want to own the data, refine it and re-use for their own needs. To do this, you have various options.

  • You can use a software like “GPS-Track-Analyse.NET” (available in German language). It’s perfect for displaying the maps and altitude graphs on your PC. You can even create a 3D-model out of your data
  • On mobile devices, you can use apps to display all the data provided by the GPX-file. E.g. on Android devices, the app GPX viewer has proven very useful
  • If you only want to display the map, but not the altitude, your heart rate and other data, you can simply load your GPX-file into Google MyMaps
  • If you own a wordpress blog and want to display your data there, you can try various plugins – I have tested this one and found it very useful and easy to use
  • Various websites help you to instantly display your GPS-data, like utrack and maplorer

All these solutions have various advantages and disadvantages, depending on your preferences and specific use case. During a trip, an app will obviously come in handy. At home, you might prefer the PC version. For publishing purposes, you might either use the WordPress plugin, the embed code of Google MyMaps or an iframe containing the link provided by websites like utrack and maplorer.

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