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How much trade does the EU do with India?

On occasion of the European Union – India summit, which took place on 30 March 2016 in Brussels, Eurostat issued some data on economic relations between India and the EU. The key findings:

  • India was the 9th biggest EU trading partner in 2015, after South Korea and ahead of Brazil
  • EU trade in goods balance with India in 2015: deficit of €1.3 billion
  • Manufactured goods largely dominate both exports and imports
  • Countries with the largest surplus with India: Belgium and Germany.
  • Largest deficit: the United Kingdom, the Netherlands and Spain
  • EU trade in services balance with India in 2015: surplus of €0.3 billion
  • Comsidering Foreign direct investment (FDI), the EU is a net investor with India

Source: Get the full data as a pdf from Eurostat

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