Video: Can you genetically enhance yourself?

We might not be able to change our body in the same way as in video games, such as BioShock – but gene therapy is already used to fight various diseases, such as leukemia. This works by replacing a missing or broken gene by a living one – and therefore fixing tat strand of DNA.

Also, scientists have conducted gene experiments with animals, such as the “Schwarzenegger mice”, which stay strong even as they grow older. Other mice could run faster through the injection of different genes. In 1999, scientists at Princeton even managed to enhance mice’s brains by inserting a certain gene, NR2B. Nowadays, researchers have also come up with spider-web-produced goats and all kinds of glow-in-the-dark-lifeforms, such as glowing fish.

Using technologies like these does of course not only raise moral questions, but also generates new medical challenges. Why? Because changing some genes may also affect other genes – which means that using genetic enhancement to get rid of one problem might cause another, for example cancer.

Source for more knowledge: Vsauce3/YouTube






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