Video: How does social media affect your brain?

Social media are used by one third of the entire world; so they clearly have a sociological impact, and sometimes also a political significance – just think about Arab spring or the demonstrations in Istanbul, Turkey. But what are social media’s effects on your brain?

1. Interestingly, social media causes some kind of psychological addiction, by giving you a very fast gratification for very less effort – similar to the way on which alcohol and drugs play with your brain’s reward-system.

2. Furthermore, there is an effect on multitasking – but not in a positive manner: Scientists compared heavy social media users with other people and found out tat they actually perform worse during task switching tests.

3. Scientists discovered a symptom called “phantom vibration”: Our brain is re-wired, so that we sometimes mistake an itch for a vibrating phone.

4. In face-to-face-conversation, only 30-40 percent of our communication is self-centered, whereas it’s about 80 percent if we use social media – and this becomes even more if we increase our audience.

5. Finally, there’s one good part to the story: Studies have shown that partners tend to like each other more if they have met for the first time online instead of offline. Perhaps that’s because the online-meeting is anonymous, or because they communicate goals more clearly before they meet in real life.

Source for more knowledge: AsapSCIENCE/YouTube

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