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Have a look at today’s news: There are rumors on the next iPhone, a company announced it’s earnings and it might rain this afternoon… All of this stuff might be interesting for the moment – but the value of the information will be gone in only a few hours, leaving you with nothing but the sour fealing that you have wasted your precious time. Fortunately, knowledge which lasts for longer is all over the web: You can read articles on Wikipedia, or you can attend various online-courses. That’s great – but you have to invest a lot of time to finally see results.

At respondoj.com, we try to bridge the gap between knowledge that lasts and fast accessibility of information. We want to provide you with content that will be valuable for you, also a few years ahead – and we also promise not to waste your time with unneccessary details.

Why? Because we believe that education is awesome. And that we can all benefit from a society in which people share great thoughts at work, with their famlies or at a party. Therefore, feel free to contribute to this site by commenting on articles and asking questions (with the form below this editorial). After all, we are still in beta-mode – and there is a lot more to be done!

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