Hitler in Poland, September 1939. Copyright: Josef Gierse.

What was Hitler’s attitude towards India?

On quora.com, the most upvoted answer to this question comes from Stephen Tempest:

Hitler was a great admirer of the British Empire in India. Several times he expressed his astonishment that 250,000 Englishmen could keep control over 400 million Indians. (Though the precise numbers he quoted varied each time he said it…) Frankly, he was envious. He wanted Germany to claim a similar empire for itself in Russia, with the Slavs taking the part of the Indians.

However, there was one catch. While Hitler did respect the British achievement in conquering India, he also thought they were too soft. They actually allowed Indians to receive an education, and even go to university. They were training their own opposition. Hitler was determined to make no such mistake when he conquered Russia: the schools would be closed down and Russians would not even be allowed to learn how to read or write. There would be no Slavic Gandhi or Nehru in his Reich. The British error, said Hitler, was in wanting the Indians to welcome their government, and so trying to treat them well. Nazi Germany would not fall into such a trap; they would not expect the people they conquered to love them, only to obey them.

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